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This week on The Babes:

September 21 - Bone health, paths of motherhood, public speaking, guide to grief, how walls can speak!

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Bone Health GuideBone Health

After reaching the age of 50, one-in-two women will break a bone due to Osteoporosis - that's the same odds as developing breast, uterine and ovarian cancers combined. So is Osteoporosis an inevitable result of aging? Dr. Lani Simpson is the author of No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide, and an expert on bone density analysis, osteoporosis and hormone balancing. She joins us to answer our questions about this all too common ailment.


The Roads TakenHaving it All?

Dr. Deborah Kahn has researched stay-at-home versus employed moms for years. She discusses the many paths of motherhood and the challenges of choice and reveals the findings in her book, The Roads Taken: Complex Lives of Employed and At-Home Mothers.


Your Perfect PresentationFace Your Fear

Bill Hoogterp is a sought-after public speaking coach and creator of Own The Room, a methodology that helps everyone from CEOs, celebrities, and the common man improve their public speaking skills. Bill explains why public speaking is so absolutely terrifying to so many people, and he shares tips to overcome this fear.


Braving FireGuide to Grief

Surviving the death of a loved one, an illness, a divorce, or even the impact of financial loss can be one of life's most transformational experiences. Jessica Handler, author of Braving the Fire: A Guide to Writing About Grief and Loss, discovered that writing can be a powerful path to healing and moving forward. Jessica joins us to explain her guide to healing.


The Language of HousesWalls Can Speak!

Have you ever considered how the design of a building or contents of a home could tell a lot about its owner? Alison Lurie is a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, and author of The Language of Houses. She shares the psychological and emotional meanings of the buildings that surround us.


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