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August 31 - Boomerangs, compelling letters, combating violence, lust not love, and extreme fish aquariums!

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Nearly 80 million baby boomers have either reached or are about to reach traditional retirement age. Many, however, would like to remain in the workforce longer than their predecessors. These "seasoned" employees want to continue to bring in an income, and stay valued and engaged. Cash Nickerson has emerged as a thought leader on the American workplace. He is the author of Boomerangs: Engaging the Aging Workforce in America, and he gives tips for landing the job and staying in the workforce longer.

Letters of NoteLetters Lost?

Shaun Usher's blog showcases letters he believes deserves a wider audience, highlighting the "importance and unrivalled charm of old-fashioned correspondence." Some of the most compelling letters are gathered in his new book, Letters of Note, which features correspondence from the famous, infamous, and the every day. In the most intimate of ways, the writings shed light on moments of history, strife, love, and flashes of brilliant inspiration!

Combating Violence

Dr. Jackie Campbell is a domestic violence expert at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and a member of the National Advisory Board of the One Love Foundation. She helped develop a free app, available on smart phones, to combat relationship violence through education and technology.

Kosher LustLust for Life!

According to the National Opinion Research Center, about one in five married couples are in sexless marriages. Shmuley Boteach - an Orthodox rabbi, prolific author and frequent guest on Oprah - says that the glue of a healthy marriage is lust, not love. In his latest book Kosher Lust, Rabbi Boteach shares how to tap into his "principles of lust" to keep couples romantically involved and the flames burning in the family hearth.

Something Fishy

Goldfish tanks are so yesterday! Jose Blanco and his team have taken aquariums to a whole new level as they create extreme fish aquariums. These Florida based aquarium specialists are part of a company called Living Color Aquariums and their high pressured job is captured on Nat Geo WILD's popular television series Fish Tank Kings.


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