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This week on The Babes:

December 14 - When genius strikes, hidden income, a decorating facelift, enchanted objects, winter decorating!

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Struck by GeniusWhen Genius Strikes

At 31, Jason Padgett was a futon salesman and self-described "party dude" until a brutal mugging completely changed his life. Unlike most of the millions of people suffering from a brain injury, Jason acquired a new gift, a savant-like capacity for mathematics. Jason shares his remarkable story of transformation and his memoir, Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel.

Hidden Income

Do you have a spare bedroom, a finished basement, or better yet, a whole floor that's just collecting dust? You may have an extra source of income right under your roof! More and more people these days are taking in "lodgers" as a way to bring in extra cash, afford a bigger home, or help pay the mortgage. Steven Rosenbush, the Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal, shares with us the hidden income inside our homes.

Decorating Facelift!

Emeril does it with cooking, Martha does it with gardening, and Jamie does it with decorating. Jamie Merida is our own Interior Decorator Extraordinaire. He's tells us what's in and what's out in updating our home decor.

Enchanted ObjectsHarry Potter in the Real World

Imagine a world where ordinary objects do extraordinary things. David Rose, award-winning entrepreneur and MIT Media Lab scientist is that kind of visionary. He believes that "enchanted objects," befitting Harry Potter's Hogwarts, will make us all more efficient and connected in the not-too-distant future. David's new book, Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things, lays out the vision in his. This week David shares his enchanted story with us!

Winter Blue

Winter is upon us, and the days are getting shorter. Temperatures are dropping. Since we are spending more hours indoors, we want our homes spruced up. We turn to Sarah Shepard-Kneip who shares some cool new apps for winter decorating.




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