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This week on The Babes:

August 2 - American royalty, good advice from bad people, caregiver of the year, marry smart, and real-life Cinderella!

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Being a RockefellerAmerican Royalty

As a great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, Eileen Rockefeller has grown up as American royalty. Eileen shares her memoir, Being a Rockefeller: Becoming Myself, and she gives us a glimpse as to what it is like to grow up being a Rockefeller and how she found her own voice along the way.

Good Advice, Bad PeopleGood Advice, Bad People

Americans seem to love anything self-help! So who are these "inspirational prophets" doling out all this great advice we're so eager to pay for? In Good Advice from Bad People: Selected Wisdom from Murderers, Stock Swindlers, and Lance Armstrong, writer Zac Bissonnette shares jaw-dropping advice from so-called "prophets," illustrating the reality behind the expression "Do as I say, not as I do!"

Too Old for What?!

Mary Hartsock was recently awarded the Caregiver of the Year Award! At 90, she is a paid professional who cares daily for others who are often younger - and sometimes a LOT younger - than she is!

The Modern Woman?

Susan Patton created a controversial media frenzy when a letter she wrote to her alumni college Newspaper, the Daily Princetonian, went viral. In the letter, she encouraged young women to invest at least as much time, effort, and energy in finding a suitable husband as they do in their studies and future careers. Susan turned her letter into a book called Marry Smart: Advice for Finding The One. She gives us a look inside the frenzy!

Meant to BeCinderella Story

Lauren Pizza, author of Meant to Be, shares her unique perspective on life, death, families, motherhood and more. This real-life Cinderella began as a normal middle-class Jersey girl who became a globe-trotting businesswoman, philanthropist, and celebrity!


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