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Eight-Part Series on Alzheimer's Wins a Gracie Award

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation announced AARP's entry, "Beyond the Face of Alzheimer's - A Few Good Men," as the winner of the Gracie Award in the Outstanding Lifestyle/Health Program category. The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created for women, by women and about women in all facets of media and entertainment, as well as individuals who have made contributions to the industry.

In the eight-part documentary series, Barbara Kline and Kathy Bernard, cohosts of the 2 Boomer Babes Radio Hour, give voice to the spouses, children and nurses who work day in and day out caring for people with Alzheimer's. The caregivers share their wisdom and lessons learned, with hope that their stories will serve as a guide for families beginning the Alzheimer's journey and provide comfort and support to those already well down the road.

"Winning a Gracie is a huge accomplishment," said Angel Livas, Executive Radio Producer. "It's a testament to the hard work of our team and validates the quality of programming that comes out of AARP's Radio department."

Winners will be presented their statues at the Gracie Awards Luncheon in New York City this June.

AARP Blog post on "Beyond the Face of Alzheimer's"

This week on The Babes:

April 13 - Controlling your financial fate, prison consulting, boomer bods, fear of flying, all-things casserole!

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The Economy of YouControlling Your Financial Fate

Retirement in your future? Kimberly Palmer, Senior Money Editor at US News and World Report, tells how to create a financial safety net by discovering your "inner entrepreneur." Her new book is called The Economy of You.

Do What You Know

We've all heard the old adage "crime does not pay," but occasionally, it does! Larry Levine has parlayed his long rap sheet and ten year prison stint into a thriving business - prison consulting! Larry operates American Prison Consultants and Wall Street Prison Consultants in Ventura County, California.

Sculpting Fabulous Boomer Bods

Strength TrainingYour 50's are years of real change and a metric to see how your body is holding up to the test of time. Joan Pagano, a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist, insists that we should take a proactive approach to aging.

Joan has trained the likes of Jackie Onassis and Caroline Kennedy and is the author of Strength Training: Exercises for Women.

Your Fear of Flying

Many of us suffer from aerophobia - the fear of flying. It's very common, despite the statistics that show that flying is much safer than car or train travel. Captain Stacey Chance, a seasoned pilot with American Airlines for over 25 years, has seen his share of frightened passengers. He's created a free online fear of flying course with the idea that if you understand what to expect on the flight, you'll be a more relaxed passenger.

The Casserole QueensThe Casserole Queens!

Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollack, AKA The Casserole Queens, are front and center of a growing movement. In their latest cookbook, The Casserole Queens Make-a-Meal, they revive this American mealtime staple with fresh and updated ingredients and reveal all-things casserole!

Listen to the show...