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Beyond the Face of Alzheimer's

You'll hear from mothers, daughters, husbands, wives, and persons with the disease. We'll learn about their angst, battles, tears, triumphs and rare, but worthwhile moments of laughter, all experienced while navigating their way through this mapless journey. Their stories are miraculously both heartbreaking and heartwarming, tragedies but also triumphs of the human spirit.


Read more at AARP's Blog and listen to the series below or by visiting AARP.org.

Faces of Alzheimer's

To kick off the series, our very own Barbara Kline shares her family's personal experience caring for their father. With over 5 million American's touched by this crippling disease, it is our hope that Beyond the Face of Alzheimer's will offer insights and inspiration, serve as comfort and support to those deep in the trenches, and be a guide to those just beginning the Alzheimer's journey. Save/Play the interview!


Three fabulous ladies share their personal stories of how Alzheimer's has touched their lives. We'll hear from Audrey, Millie Jr., and Olivia who welcomed us into their homes to impart their wisdom and experience while helping to raise awareness about this debilitating disease. Save/Play the interview!


Take Your Oxygen FirstDr. Rosemary Laird specializes in the care and treatment of persons with Alzheimer's and related dementias. She is the founding Medical Director of the Health First Aging Institute in Melbourne, Florida, which also provides educational and support programs for caregivers. Dr. Laird, co-author of Take Your Oxygen First, joins us to discuss how caregivers can be empowered to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer's AND care for themselves along the way. Save/Play the interview!


Bill Schreiner & Dad
We hear from two good men, Emmy Award winning foreign correspondent Barry Petersen and entrepreneur and volunteer Bill Schreiner, about their caregiving journey with Alzheimer's. Save/Play the interview!

Pictured at left: Bill Schreiner and his Dad



Mel and Judy



This week, Mel shares his experiences caring for his wife Judy while also dealing with his own health issues. With his daughters, he made the difficult decision to move with Judy to a care facility. Mel now resides on the second floor, while Judy lives on the third floor with other Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Mel's story serves as an example of love, loyalty, and remarkable resilience. Save/Play the interview!




We profile two amazing women: Ellen Proxmire, wife of former Senator William Proxmire, and Patricia Stewart, granddaughter of Lillie Crawford. While their stories and life circumstances are vastly different, their passion and dedication to bringing the enormity of this disease to light, is a legacy in and of itself. Save/Play the interview



The Faces of Alzheimer's

We explore the dynamics of the role reversal: children caring for their parents with Alzheimer's. Sisters Chris and Stacey share their family's journey of caring for their father, George, and couple Tom and Marie, discuss the challenges and complexities of caring for each of their mothers, long distance. Save/Play the interview





Patti and Russ



Our series concludes with Patti Hoffman, a courageous woman who has early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Patti and her husband, Russ Graziano, share their long walk down this winding and unpredictable road. Also joining us is Dr. Jason Karlawish, Professor of Medicine, Medical Ethics, and Health Policy and he is the Director of the Making Sense of Alzheimer's Project at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Karlawish has served as our medical adviser for this series and we are grateful for his candid and compassionate insights. Save/Play the Interview




Do you have a caregiving story to tell?  Share your story with others in AARP's online community.