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Nov. 29 - Time outs and coming out, the art of writing, your travel bucket list, and how to be a leader!

This is a book for parents of gay kidsOut of the Closet

"Coming out" to family can be incredibly awkward and a huge moment in a child's life. It can also be overwhelming for the parents. Danielle Owens-Reid, co-author of This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids: A Question & Answer Guide to Everyday Life, joins us to talk about the issues parents face when a child "comes out" and how to move forward in a positive way.

Fabritus and the GoldfinchThe Art of Writing

What does it take to be a successful award winning author? Friends describe non-fiction author, Deborah Davis' beat as "the rich and the dead." Deborah's curiosity and ability to hone in on unique stories is once again on display in her latest work, Fabritius and the Goldfinch. She joins us to discuss this book and the art of writing and getting published.



1000 PlacesBucket List!

Patricia Schultz is the author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List. It's an international bestseller and bible for the wanderlust stricken. Patricia shares what to add to your travel bucket list this year!



4-3-2-1 LeadershipHow to be a Leader

For more than 3 decades, Vincent Boles, a retired Two-Star General, served his country leading young men and women into combat. Following the attacks of 9-11, he was assigned to command soldiers, civilians, and contractors on five continents, including combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom. General Vincent Boles knows what it means to be a leader-in the workplace or on the front lines. He shares his insights and life lessons in his book, 4-3-2-1 Leadership, and the secrets to being a good leader.


The PracticeTime Out

When that alarm goes off each morning, does your mind automatically start racing through all the things you must get done that day on your ever-expanding "to-do" list? By the time you're out the door, you're already exhausted, not to mention, stressed out. Barb Schmidt, international speaker and author of The Practice, explains a better, more mindful way to approach and embrace each day.


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