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January 25 - Puppy love, trips and falls, you're never too old, rock n' roll rivalry, mispronounced food words.

How Dogs Love UsPuppy Love

Dr. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory University, set out to learn more about our beloved canine companions. In his groundbreaking book, How Dogs Love Us: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain, he reveals surprising findings that could revolutionize the way humans and dogs coexist and communicate.

The Science of Falling

So it's the dead of winter, and you're walking down the side-walk and slip on a patch of dreaded black ice - do you fall? Dr. Kathleen Cullen is a physiology professor at McGill University who studies the science of trips and falls and how the brain controls our balance. Kathleen shares her pretty amazing findings, and what we can do to prevent those dreaded falls.

Park RangerToo Old? Think Again!

Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest U.S. park ranger, teaches us that you're never too old to experience the outdoors, bond with Mother Nature, and take care of our national parks!

beatles vs stonesRock n' Roll Rivalry

In Beatles vs. Stones, John McMillian, a historian and unwavering devotee of both bands, writes about the biggest and most sensationalized rivalry in the annals of rock'n'roll. He looks at how the rivalry was created, how it evolved, and how it impacted the careers of the legendary personalities in both bands.

Mascarpone and Quinoa!

Melissa Valiant is the Editor-in-Chief and Eats Editor of HellaWella, a website dedicated to taking the stuffiness out of the healthy lifestyle culture. Melissa straightens us out about the most mispronounced food words!


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