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April 19 - Empty nesting, how to save a life, "chemo brain", building history, and running the distance!

Out of the WoodsEmpty Nesting

After sending her only child off to college, Lynn Darling was left at a crossroads - one part of her life was ending and another beginning. She felt lost, and decided to relocate to a small house in the middle of the Vermont woods to figure it all out. Her circuitous, and sometimes hilarious story of getting lost, and eventually being found, is chronicled in her memoir Out of the Woods.

How to Save a Life

First AidWhether you're hiking the Himalayas, or suddenly caught in a city disaster, every second counts in a medical emergency. The bottom line is that we should arm ourselves with knowledge and supplies to save a life. Dr. James Hubbard is a survival skills expert, a seasoned family physician, the publisher of the popular website thesurvivaldoctor.com, and he is the author of First Aid: Fundamentals for Survival.

Chemo Brain

For years, cancer patients have worried about, joked about, and been frustrated by the mental cloudiness they sometimes notice with treatment. The mental fog is commonly called Chemo Brain. The brain usually recovers over the time, but the sometimes vague and distressing mental changes can affect everyday life for many people going through it. Matt LeBlanc is an oncology nurse with the Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland. Earl Shellner was a patient in the program. They join us to talk about the phenomenon of chemo brain... and what patients can do about it. Visit Anne Arundel Medical Center for more information.

Building History

Stephen Ayers is the current Architect of the Capitol, only the 11th person to hold this job since George Washington laid the Capitol cornerstone in 1793. Stephen explains what it is like to be a true steward of history.

Running the Distance

Did you ever enter a contest hoping to win $7,000 a week, a vacation in Tahiti, or groceries for a year? Richard Myers entered a contest sponsored by AARP Colorado and won 16 weeks of personal training and a paid entry to the Colfax Half Marathon! While it may not seem as exciting as winning a boatload of cash, it certainly has been a life changer!



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